1. Be as clear as possible in describing your space, location, access, size etc. Upload at-least 3 photos of your parking or storage. Highlight key attributes such as closeness to transport convenience.

2. Maintain the type of access you are willing to provide (full, partial, 8am-6pm etc.) – this is an important factor for many Renters.

3. Mention clearly in Host Rule whether you are willing to provide multiple entry to Renter and price accordingly.

4. Be clear on what are your “Host rules” from the start to avoid awkward conversations down the track. Like, if you have mentioned entry between 8am and 6pm and Renter request to get access at 8pm, please don’t agree. This is to avoid confusion and safety risk associated with it.

5. Review the price benchmarks and set rates accordingly.

6. Respond (within 24 hours) to rental requests via our website. We have mobile friendly website.

7. Arrange site visit (if required) and keep storage area clean and tidy for move in.

8. Advise Renter to complete all transaction via our payments platform only. All transactions completed via our site are covered and are protected by the terms and conditions of use. Our Refund Guarantee and Insurance will be void if transactions are not processed via our platform.

9. After your first transaction, leave a review for the renter and our site. Your referral helps build trust in you, other renters and our marketplace.

10. Be patient! Building a marketplace takes time, and the average time to match a renter is between 30-45 days.

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