Personal Storage

We refer personal storage as storage of household items, generally accumulated while living with family, such as living/dining/ bed room furnitures, electronic gadgets, home appliances, toys, posters & photo frames, artefacts etc.

We understand these personal items are really personal and very often emotionally attached to your heart therefore you just need to store them on short term or long term. There is no need to sell that family heirloom or antique piece of furniture due to lack of suitable storage space, especially when

  1. moving houses
  2. moving abroad on short term or long term
  3. moving from home state to another state for employments within country
  4. living with minimalistic home space
  5. old house under maintenance
Personal item storage

Space24x7 provides best personal storage solution which could be in your neighbourhood and you can save money by renting it. You may not need to travel long distances to store your item. It is safe and secure as our space host are part of our community and are verified by us. You do not need to let your item kept in rented apartment with high rent payment. You can save upto 50% by renting space in Space24x7.

Store your personal item with Space24x7 today.

Car / Passenger Vehicle Storage

Storing a car for short term or long term, can be a problem unless you get a friends’ car space in exchange of a bottle of wine when you need to travel out of your base location.

Similarly, getting a parking space everyday while you commute from a bus stop or railway station, can be a problem.

Any scenario when you need anything like car, bus, truck, trailer, tractor, mobile equipment etc. to be stored or parked daily, Spacinn will be of great help.

You can use Space24x7 services as,

  1. Small businesses, to store your tools, mobile equipment etc.
  2. Car owner, looking to store car for short term or long term basis
  3. Big businesses with heavy vehicles like earth movers, buses, trucks, trailers etc.

Start searching car/equipment storage with Space24x7 today.

Heavy Vehicle / Mobile Equipment Storage

There are many businesses which employ heavy vehicles or mobile equipment at work and they face space crunch in their yard when fleet increases. We have Spaces listed as open lands in parking space segment which can be rented at affordable prices. Look no further, start renting spaces with Space24x7.

Document & Media Storage

Information security and space crunch for your business records, paper file & file storage are major concern across all businesses whether small or big. Space24x7 has accredited businesses listed which provides document management system with super security in affordable cost.

In most cases, you just need to pack your record, our business host will collect and transport them to secure data storage facilities managed by them. When you need them back, they will return you. It is super simple. Isn’t it? You will save valuable office space.

What’s more, many of our Document & Media Storage Solution hosts provide excellent services like,

  1. File storage boxes, bar codes and transmittal forms.
  2. Bar coded file storage racks.
  1. Fast retrieval: they can identify the exact location of a file and retrieve it from facility within 5 minutes of your call.
  1. Open-shelf filing system for clients that require more frequent access to their files.
  2. Document Scanning services to digitize records.
  3. Archival services make sure that your documents are fully compliant.
  4. Confidential document destruction for sensitive, financial and legal documents.
  5. And most of them cater to various industry segment to keep you compliant.

Search space for your document and media storage need now.

Books, Toys & Clothes Storage

We buy these items for a purpose and keep in our homes. I am sure some point in time you must have thought that these items are cluttered around nook and corners of your home and thought of some kind of solution to de-clutter them without losing its possession on them. We at Spacinn provides such a solution today.

Space24x7 has many space hosts who provide such spaces where you can store books, toys and winter clothes. Needless to say, these space host can exist in your neighbourhood offering their spaces in affordable prices.

Get ready to de-clutter you home. Search spaces at Space24x7.

Office Equipment / Inventory Management

Anyone who has run a small or medium sized business knows that getting your warehousing and office space needs right is a hard task. Space24x7 provides a solution for SMEs to manage spare office furniture (chairs, desks, computers, filing cabinets, stationery) or even inventory over flow to manage peak and off peak sales periods.

Space24x7 helps you find safe and secure storage solutions to house business inventory and equipment on a short or long term basis. It’s flexible, cheap and is available as and when you need it. We have a number of shared business office spaces, with security systems and locked areas restricting access so you have absolute confidence that your materials are safe.

Food Grain Storage

Food grains (Wheat, Paddy, Pulses etc.) storage is a challenge today in Rural community. In Indian rural area, about 70% of farm produce is stored by farmers for their own consumption and losses are more than 10%. Space24x7 promotes community level storage by introducing storage space with small silos/coal tar drum bin/ domestic harpurbin/chittorestone bin for farmers. Space24x7 provides effective platform to any individual operating AgriStorage business at Rural areas.

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