We are sure, there is no need to elaborate on parking space problem around the world as there are lots of article already written. Many articles also suggest ways to mitigate problems relating to parking. Hence we want to jump on solution straight away.

Our solution is based on utilising available space which are located near to crowded location or almost anywhere. Our team members have often stuck with a question do we have parking available near a place we are visiting? Answer was clearly, No, unless we are visiting a well-established business centre or shopping complex.

Also there are many amongst us who ask themselves can I not park my vehicle in this shop front until I finish my shopping? And we stuck with many real life scenarios:

> Can we not park our car in a hotel nearby for 2 hour until we finish shopping?

> Can we utilise residential parking available behind rows of shopping area?

> Can we utilise residential parking available near railway station / bus stand while commuting everyday?

We at Space24x7, built a solution to make those parking spaces available in our platform so that it can be booked by Renter in need, in exchange of money. As an owner of space, you can list you unused parking, maintain availability and decide how much to charge for renting out space for parking.

Our platform allows Renter to search parking space minimum to an hour based on hourly pricing. Space24x7 also provides flexibility to set pricing for weekly, monthly & yearly to space owner. Space24x7 support recurring booking therefore if booking is for 6 months, Renter needs to pay for 1st months at the start of booking and his card will be charged subsequently at the beginning of each month automatically until 6th month is reached. No manual intervention is required by Renter.

What’s more, Renter can also extend Renting beyond 6 months from Dashboard just by clicking “Extend Renting” button.

If Renter’s scenario changes, he can stop renting in the middle of 3rd months and his card will not be charged for next month.

Communication between Renter and Space Owner is managed automatically by technology adopted by Space24x7 via built in messaging, email & SMS.

With this solution, we do not claim to alleviate parking problem completely but certainly another solution option available to needy Renter. Best part of this solution, there is no big investment required by Government or Corporates.

Happy Renting!!

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