Rent out faster online with managed renting 

Space24x7 is determined to rent out your space faster to a Renter. List your space FREE now & get ready to be PAID?

How is Space24x7 different?

Storage room on Spacinn

List Your Space

Create a useful parking or storage listing, FREE. Zero Brokerage

Multiple pricing on Spacinn

Maintain Multiple Prices

Set hourly/daily/weekly/monthly /yearly prices. Renter gets convenience of Renting by multiple pricing option which increases your earning.

Booking agreement

Zero Paperwork

Our Terms of Services and Booking Terms are rental agreement between you and your Renter. No additional document required

real time tracking on Spacinn

Real Time Tracking

All events around renting is tracked via Dashboard and communicated via email & SMS

Legal assistance

Legal Assistance

You will have advisory support from our legal advisor in case of any dispute


Rental Payment Gaurantee

We gaurantee rental payment by 5th of every month. Delays by Renter will not affect your payment

How Much One Can Earn from Space?

Spare Room or Garage

Spare Room or Garage

($200 – $350 per month)/(Rs3500 – Rs.10000 per month)

Great for Storing:

Household Items & Boxes


Passenger Cars

Storage facility

Storage Facility

($80 – $350 per month)/(Rs7000 – Rs.25000 per month)

Spaces Managed by Businesses:


Documents & office items

Fine Arts and Artefacts storage

Driveway or Backyard

Driveway or Backyard

($120 – $250 per month)/(Rs2000 – Rs.5000 per month)

Perfect for Storing:

Cars, Bikes, Bus, Truck or trailers

Building materials

Engineering Equipment

Book parking space

Parking Lot

($180 – $250 per month)/(Rs1500 – Rs.2500 per month)

Great for Parking:

Passenger Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles / Trailers

Short /Long Term

Climate controlled storage

Climate Controlled Spaces

(Earn depending on storage item, space size and location etc.)

Perfect for storing:



Perishable Products

Training class

Training Classes

(Earn depending on amenities, ambience, space size and location)

Special Purpose Spaces for:

General training

Special classes for dance / music

Tuition classes for study or art