Who can list parking or storage?

Anyone can! It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, renter or the space is provided to you for work. If you have a empty garage, parking lot, driveway or allocated parking lot that is available to you then list it. If you have an empty space, we have a place on Space24x7; The Space Market.

But remember as a Space Host it is your responsibility to pay Govt taxes on earning from Space24x7 as per rules of your country.

If my Business owns open land parking or storage, can I list it?

Yes, of course. As a Business, it is a great opportunity to rent your parking or storage to the customer via Space24x7, you can indicate this while registering with us. Spacinn provides host of services that can attracts your customers and we do not charge you a penny for it.

Contact Us to let us know if you feel a new features in Space24x7 that can add value to your customers, we are listening to you.

What does Space24x7 charge for Listing a parking or storage?

Listing your parking or storage is completely FREE. We only charge a reasonable service fee to Space Host only when Renter books & pays for your space. We DO NOT charge registration fee, membership fee or any subscription fee. Currently service free is 100% waived off.

Price displayed to the Renter is the price you set as “Host Rental”. We DO NOT charge Service Fees & Transaction Processing Fees to Renter with usage of his credit/debit card. No hidden cost!

At present Renter does not need to pay GST on his booking as our revenue turnover has NOT crossed threshold limit set by Govt.

What types of spaces can I rent out?

As an individual host, any space which is practical for parking or storage in short term or long term basis, you can rent out. This would include but is not limited to; garages, carports, sheds, spare bedrooms, attics, yards, driveways, warehouses, cold storage and sub-floor spaces.

You can also list your spaces as a Business Host and showcase your services to the customer.

Can I collect Security Deposit or Advance Payment from Renter?

Space24x7 has not made any provision to collect Security Deposit or Advance Payment from Renter via payment process upfront because these funds are required only to cover damage of Host’s facility in some way or over usage of facility provided. And, these situation are not usually expected to happen.

And, collecting deposit from Renter even before such situations arise discourages Renter from renting your space, hence we DO NOT encourage you to collect deposit.

When such situation arises, it needs to be reported by Space Host to us with evidence and we will be able to charge Renter after validation of such situations.

How do I get paid for my rented parking or storage?

We clear account every month end so that we don’t keep your money longer with us. And, we transfer rental amount to your Bank Account, you maintained with us.

What happens if Renter has not moved his stuff from storage even after giving 4 weeks’ notice?

You are absolutely protected as per Terms of Services. As per our Terms, Renter is obliged to move his stuff within check-out date set by system. Defaulting on this terms gives Space24x7 a right to move his stuff away from your space by breaking locks or towing away anything which is blocking your space.

What happens if Renter's credit/debit card declines payment?

Space24x7 is here to provide a service for the best interest of Host and Renter. There may be scenario in which payment is defaulted by Renter. Such situations will be dealt accordance to our Terms of Services.

As a process, Renter is notified via email with a link to update his new billing information. Once updated by Renter, our payment processor attempts to charge Renter’s card again within 24 HR.

What are the benefits of leasing my parking or storage on Space24x7?

You could get thousands of rupees each month and think of yearly accumulation of those money. Think about how much extra money you can save for a home or an overseas trip of a lifetime. Not only this, you help renter saving money too as well as easing his trouble.

You are not required to get separate Agreement documents because our Booking Terms and Terms of Services apply to Host and Renter. You save money & time on account of easy documentation.

We have automated renting process to manage renting 24×7 online for Space Host and Renter. Our processes are transparent, quick and easy to execute. 

What are you waiting for list your parking or storage now.

How to decide price for parking or storage I am renting out?

Space24x7 renting model is pay as you go, therefore it is important, how frequently we charge to our customers and depends on what price frequency you choose.

Pricing could be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Decision on Pricing also depends upon Space Segment and Space Type, for example, most Storage are priced monthly but for Parking it could be Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

While maintaining Multiple Pricing, you can choose Preferred Pricing. Preferred Pricing will be displayed to Renter as a default and in Bold but Renter can choose what’s more favourable for him. 

What if I do not want to accept a Renter's request?

You can decline any request you do not deem suitable through the “Decline” button in your Space24x7 dashboard or email you received.

Can I cancel booking after Renter has paid for his booking?

No, in case of One Time Renting Term (Hourly / Daily) as,  Renter’s plan will be affected by cancellation by you. After-all, Renter pays us for the services.

No, in case of Recurring Renting Term (Weekly / Monthly / Yearly), you can STOP RENTING after Renter has paid and renting has already started but you cannot cancel booking. Renter gets sufficient time to move out and you can get Your Space back after check-out date. 

Can I end contract and get my parking or storage back if I need it?

Yes, in case of Recurring Renting Term. If circumstances change and you need your space back, you can STOP RENTING via Dashboard and Renter is automatically notified about your decision. Renter gets notice to vacate space / move out within 4 weeks for Monthly Renting Term and 1 week notice for Weekly Renting Term so that Renter gets time to clear his/her goods or stored item.

No, in case of One Time Renting Term (Hourly / Daily).

How will Space24x7 advertise my parking or storage?

Space24x7 advertise online and offline. We use paid searches, internet ads, targeted leaflet drops, flyers and have enlisted promotions companies to further diversify our marketing spend. You will start to see Spacinn popping up all over the place.

Space24x7 also uses various social media platform (facebook, twitter etc.) to promote your space for getting it rented faster.

What happens if I as a host think, prohibited items is stored in my storage?

If you think something really threatening is stored in your space, get in touch with us or live chat. We will make assessment and advise you further. Such situations will be dealt accordance of our Terms of Services.

Do I have to pay tax on the income from renting my space?

We advise you to seek advise from tax advisory on this, generally speaking this is going to be your personal income and we generate invoice and payment receipt accordingly.

 For our Australian customers, here is a guide by ATO

What are the Host's responsibilities?

It is important for Space Host to act responsibly and smartly while he earns from his empty space renting. Host is responsible:

1. To inform authority & Spacinn in case of damages to Renter’s items due to any reason. 

2. To follow instructions provided by Spacinn to manage exceptional situation if arises.

3. To share your rules (Host Rules) clearly to Renter.

4. To make sure space is available once booked by Renter.

How am I protected as a host?

As a Space Host you can refer all tricky issues to Space24x7. On the rare occasion where the need may arise, we can help manage resolutions including but not limited to, payment, storage removal due to overstay, lost items claims by Renter etc.

Does Space24x7 assess the quality of parking or storage?

Of course we do our best to check quality of spaces and to determine if space is premium quality space; we think of parameters like Location, Access to Space Unit, Space Unit Type, etc. that will make space a Premium Space. We encourage you to send us any doubts about quality of spaces and we will investigate it.

Are my items safe and secure in storage space?

Answer is YES.

 1. All spaces other than Shared Space can be locked by your own lock. The listing will describe the security of the space and it is up to you to select the most suitable listing for your goods. Available space will vary from fully secured (alarmed security systems, lock & key) to outdoor.

 2. A thorough vetting of all Hosts who use our site through 3rd party ID and  credit checks.

3. Social Media profile checks for all our member.

 4. We are working out Insurance Solution for you.

For example, if you are storing a car in a host’s garage with capacity of 2 or more cars, space rented to you may have lock & key or just a shared park for cars. Renter is required to make a best judgement on where to store his valuable.

What should I store and what not in Storage Space?

Our Booking Terms  clearly talks about it. No Illegal or toxic products, no perishables, no highly flammable or unstable products should be stored. We advise you to read our Booking Terms under section “Use of Services by Space Renter”. We advise you to Contact Us immediately if you have already stored any prohibited items inadvertently.

How much can I save on storage compared to commercial storage?

Depending on the space rented you can save potentially half of what you may pay elsewhere. Rates will vary and are set by Hosts, which are typically set at 50% discounted to traditional storage rates. That means that you could save 1,000’s of rupees or dollars over the course of your storage period, and store your items in a more convenient location in your local neighbourhood.

How do I store my goods?

Once you have agreed a move in date and time with the Host, it is your responsibility to transport and store your goods safely. You will need to ensure your items are ready for storage so as to keep disruption to a minimum on the day.

How is the price of space determined for my booking?

We got rid of all complicated price determination calculation for you. You will pay a price determined by your Space Host that we call “Host Rental”.

With Spacinn, you DO NOT need to pay brokerage to agent, service fee and transaction fee with use of your debit/credit card.

Best of all, at present as Renter, you DO NOT need to pay GST on your booking as our revenue turnover has NOT crossed threshold limit set by Govt.

Always pay via Space24x7 and stay protected from fraud.

Do I need to pay Security Deposit or Advance Payment for renting Space?

No, as a Renter you do not need to pay Security Deposit or Advance Payment for renting any space in Space24x7.

In a situation where Space Host claims a damage or over usage of facility by you, we would be charging your card after validating damage & over usage with you. We would be requesting Space Host an evidence for any claim made by him, therefore as a Renter you are absolutely protected.

In some occasion like Parking, Space Host may provide his Lock & Key or Swipe Pass to enter and exit space, he may ask you minor deposit amount which you may agree to pay and would be returned to you by Host on check-out date.

Can I change the price of a booking or negotiate it?

You get an opportunity to connect to Space host via our messaging system once you have sent Booking Request. You can schedule an inspection of Space and meet in-person and negotiate the price. Space host need to update renegotiated price before you pay and confirm.

Does Space24x7 provide payment receipts?

Yes, of course we do. You will get a PDF receipt in your booking confirmation email. You can also download these directly from your Dashboard. Just select the ‘Account -> Transaction History’ button for your associated booking once you login.

Where can I find my invoice?

Your invoices will be automatically emailed to your registered email address. Login to your dashboard and select the ‘Account -> Cash Out History’ button for the associated booking. You will then be presented with your booking history with links to download PDF copies of your invoices.

Who do I pay for rented parking or storage?

Your payment always goes through Space24x7, this is both safe and easy. If your Space Host is asking for direct payment please contact us or write directly to

If you pay directly to Space Host, both Host and Renter will void any insurance and any other services provided by us. We do not deal in cash transactions.

With Space24x7, you DO NOT need to pay brokerage to agent, service fee and transaction fee with use of your debit/credit card. Always pay via Space24x7 and stay protected from fraud.

Best of all, at present as Renter, you DO NOT need to pay GST on your booking as our revenue turnover has NOT crossed threshold limit set by Govt.

Can I cancel my booking after I paid for it?

Yes of course, if there is an unexpected change of situation and you no longer require space to rent, you can cancel by clicking “Cancel Booking” button from your Dashboard. We have Free cancellation policy if cancellation is made 24 HR prior to check-in date/time . If you face any exceptional or emergency situation please write to

What are the booking cancellation charges?

Our Refund Guarantee covers you as follows for any cancellation you make after you have paid for booking:

-If booking is cancelled 24 Hrs prior to check-in date, you get 100% refund.

-If booking is cancelled less than 24 Hrs prior to, on or after check-in date, you get NO refund.

What do I do if the host does not respond to my booking request?

You can send a follow-up message by clicking Contact host on the space profile page, or contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

​If the host does not respond to your booking request, you will not be charged.

Can I take things out and put other things in to Storage Space?

Yes you can, provided Host has mentioned this access rule. You can directly message the Host at any time to arrange access through the Space24x7 website.

How often and when can I access my items in Storage Space?

The Host’s access rules in the listing state this and you can directly message the Host to request access at any time. Flexibility and collaboration is important. If you have any issues accessing your items please contact Space24x7 immediately on

How do I stop renting a parking or storage?

When you have booked a space with weekly, monthly or yearly payment, you need to make a first period payment on check-in date. Our system starts recurring payment thereon and we will charge your debit/credit card at the beginning of each period until you stop renting the space.

To stop renting; go to Dashboard and locate “Stop Renting” button. Once you click it, system ask you to confirm with a reason and that’s done; we stop charging your card.

Can I amend my booking by changing check-in date after acceptance by Host?

Yes, provided your Host agrees to new dates. You are required to send new Space Booking Request to Host which he will accept again for your payment.

What happens if my credit / debit card is declined payment during Renting?

Our payment processor charge your card in renting frequency and in case payment is NOT successful using your credit / debit card, you will be sent an email notifying you about credit / debit card decline with a link to update the billing information they have on file. You need to click that link and update billing information and our payment processor will again charge your card within 24 HR. That’s all and you are set to pay for renting again.

It is must for you to process payment within 30 days against previous failed payments else your stored item is considered as abandoned item.

What are the Renter's responsibilities?

It is important for Renter to act responsibly to manage renting;

1. Save ticket as a proof of booking. Place or show wherever asked or necessary.

2. In case, storage space is utilised, create inventory list of items stored and send us as a proof.

3. If possible buy Insurance to protect your item from damage, theft, fire & natural calamity. Unfortunately we do not provide out-of-the-box at the moment.

4. Avoid a situation of willful credit/debit card decline. Your credit rating will be affected by defaulting on payment.

How am I protected as Renter?

As a Renter you can refer all tricky issues to Space24x7. On the rare occasion where the need may arise, we can help manage resolutions including but not limited to damage, theft, loss due to deliberate/ intentional/ malicious act, earthquake or tsunami, landslide or subsidence that immediately follows an earthquake etc.

What is Space Segment, Space Type and Space suitable for?

As an individual host, if you know your unused space can be used for Storing personal items like furniture, vehicles, home appliances etc. it is categorised as Storage Space. Parking is categorised as Parking Space.

Storage Type specify what type of space exactly you want to rent out such as front yard, backyard, garage, spare room, attic, covered balcony, driveway, carport, shed, storage cage, office space, meeting room, training room, commercial space, open land etc.

Depending upon space type you can sense suitability of space whether space is suitable for personal storage, car storage, commercial renting, warehousing or use as cold storage.

Why do Space24x7 want to know about property type?

Our customers want to know where is space located to determine safety & security around space. We at Spacinn, take safety and security very seriously therefore we advise you to make your space safe and secure, for example if there is no lockable door, it obviously NOT secure for renting. Please specify property type correctly so that renter can build trust in renting without any hesitation.

What is access type in Space24x7?

Access type determines what type of access a Renter can have. Full access will provide renter a right to enter space whenever he wants and he does NOT need to inform you before accessing space.

Full access provides Renter maximum flexibility.

For Partial Access type, Renter needs to inform before entering space even if Renter has keys or access card. Partial access provides less flexibility to Renter than that of Full access.

Obviously, Host can price premium for Full Access.

Why is Space Size important?

Our renter wants to know size of space they want to rent. It is important for him so as to determine if that space will fit in for size of car he wants to store or number of employee an office space can accommodate or for specific chemicals can fit in specific cold storage or not. We urge you to provide exact length, width and height in Feet. If at all you cannot determine length, width and height, you can enter area in SQFT.

What is Space Category?

We have 4 space categories, Shared, Dedicated, Premium and Special Purpose.

Shared Space: General purpose shared space for bike, car, or mobile equipment which cannot be secured with Renter’s lock & key but you can make those vehicle immovable.

Dedicated Space: General purpose dedicated space for personal storage. This storage is for student storage; house items, cars, bikes or mobile equipment which can be secured with Renter’s lock & key.

Premium Space: Quality of space unit will determine if space is premium quality space. Think of parameters like Location, Access to Space Unit, Space Unit Type, etc. that will make space a Premium Space.

Special Purpose Space: Climate Controlled Unit, Document Storage, Collectibles, Fine Art storages are classified as Special Purpose Space. These spaces are special in terms of features it provides for its usage.

What to write as Title & Description for my available space?

Title of space is important to let others know what actually your space is useful for. Include sentences which provides clear idea to renter so that he can easily correlate his requirement. For example,

  • Tailor the Title and Description for each space type – E.g., rather than “Storage Space on Rent” you could name “Secure storage space for Personal Storage with full access” It’s also best to make the description specific, rather than copying and pasting the same description for the venue and each space.
  • Use actual photos that depicts the actual space – Make sure the image you upload is a colour photograph of the space itself; e.g., not the view from the window or the outside of the building. Nothing sells a space better than a great-quality photo where the client can see exactly what they’re getting.
  • Do not mention pricing in the space Title or Description – It’s best to keep money-matter to the Pricing fields at the bottom of the List Your Space form. That way there is less to remember to update if you want to change your prices.
  • Keep pricing to Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and/or Yearly rates – Please do not write anything in the description along the lines of “Special discount if you book for a full week.” That is not something that can currently be administrated through Spacinn and may be confusing to customers, and more work for yourself.

Why is it important to maintain specific Host Rules?

Spacinn philosophy for Space Host is your space, your rule, your price. Maintain your rules for space to administer activities of Renter when you rent your space. These are some of the examples,

-Multiple entry not allowed.

-Please do not enter space after 6PM.

-Strictly no entry to space in the night

-24HR notice must as I am providing partial access

-Only SMS me to get access to space, call only in case you do not get response via SMS

-Notify me well in advance before stopping to rent

Why Street address and Apt/House/Bldg number are separate field in Location tab?

It is important to maintain privacy of your address. Street address provides an approximate idea about Renting location so that Renter can decide. Street address also used in Space Search, for example if Renter has searched a Space in your street, your space will be shown on top of the search displaying distance & time to reach your Space. Exact address is shown to Renter only if he has paid for booking.

For Listing, enter street address and Google will start proposing appropriate address as drop-down list. Select most appropriate street address from drop-down. Exact address is your building number/floor number/door number etc. enter as appropriate.

How to maintain Street address in Location tab?

Street address field is linked to Google street search algorithm, therefore you are required to select appropriate street address of your location from Google proposed street address.

Start entering street address and Google will propose appropriate street name as dropdown list. Select appropriate street address.

Do not enter Apt/House/Building/Door Number in this field.

What is Space24x7?

Space24x7 is an online space rental marketplace, connecting people (as Space Host) with extra unused/spare/empty space with those who needs space (as Renter). Space24x7, is about utilising and sharing local resources to meet a need in the community. Our platform makes it transparent, quick, easy and most importantly safe and secures to park vehicle, store goods, equipment, etc. or rent space and make money.

Your space could be used for Parking, Storage, Warehousing and Commercial Renting but it’s up to you decide. Renter can easily book and rent a space and manage it 24×7.

Our Space Host can be individual or a business. Anyone who has unused or empty space can help community and make money.

Why is Space24x7 delivering such a service?

There are things we thought about like need of service, cost of service, utilising a resources, say space, safety & security of utilising service. All these things in mind we created this platform to connect people and utilise an available resource, SPACE.

There are a number of reasons to use other’s space as storage space:

> If you’re moving house and you need to temporarily store furniture

> When you’re renovating your home and need to keep household possessions safe

> If you’re relocating abroad and want to store your valuables during the move

> Somewhere to put your belongings while you go off travelling

> If you find that your hobby or sports equipment is taking over the house!

> When you just don’t have enough space at home anymore

There are convincing reasons to use other’s parking space:

> Students moving places around corners of city

> Daily commuters looking to park vehicle near railway station/bus stops

> Anyone needs parking around busiest main business/entertainment centres during weekday and weekend

Many of our business host use self-storage to keep:

> Archives and files freeing up precious space in the office

> Seasonal and excess stock

> Trade supplies and equipment

> Exhibition and event equipment

> Office furniture

What are the spaces, Space24x7 allow listing for?

Our goal is to list all kinds of Spaces which can be utilised by our customers securely and in affordable way. These spaces are like Locker/Clock Room, Garage, Carport, Open Land, Industrial Warehouses, Cold Storages etc.

We allow listing of only some selected space type which helps our Renter under the purview of Booking Agreement and Terms of Services.

How is it safe and secure to utilise Individual’s Space by another Individual in exchange of money?

We think that without providing safe & secure way to deal with people, Space24x7’s services will be void. Therefore, we devised a way to build trust amongst our users, those are

one, our users are verified by us and wherever required third party will vet authenticity of our users;

two, we have partnered with world class payment processor to provide us and our users world class security;

three, when you join us we have completed all the paperwork and documentation (Agreements) on behalf of you which are valid in the court of law.

How Space24x7 defines valuable and invaluable item for storage?

Valuable item is something, in a given situation worth keeping under your possession and can be stored at space available at other’s property safely and securely.

Invaluable item is something, in all situations worth keeping with you and can never be stored at space available at other’s property as that pose huge safety and security risk.

How parking and storage are categorised in Space24x7?

We have 4 space categories, Shared, Dedicated, Premium and Special Purpose.

Shared Space: General purpose shared space for bike, car, boat or caravan which cannot be secured with Renter’s lock & key but you can make those vehicle immovable.

Dedicated Space: General purpose dedicated space for personal storage. This storage is for student storage; house items, car, boat or caravan which can be secured with Renter’s lock & key.

Premium Space: Quality of space unit will determine if space is premium quality space. Think of parameters like Location, Access to Space Unit, Space Unit Type, etc. that will make space a Premium Space.

Special Purpose Space: Climate Controlled Unit, Document Storage, Collectibles, Fine Art storages are classified as Special Purpose Space.

What if I need help listing my parking or storage?

If you need help, live chat with our customer service team. When we are not around, please leave your email ID via live chat icon and we will get back to you shortly.

Alternatively, you can just drop a line to us at

Where can I enter referral code provided by my friend?

You require to sign-up with Space24x7 to use referral code. You can locate referral code field at the bottom of sign-up/registration page. You cannot use referral code if you are directly login via Facebook or Google user icon.

Drop a line in case of any help to

Why am I advised to maintain real First & Last Name and to upload documents like Driving Licence or Passport?

We keep strict watch on users so that we keep only real people as our users as well as we do not want to keep duplicate record for one real person. Please help us keep our system clean so that we avoid eventuality of fraud. Please be assured our system is secure to adhere to our privacy policy.

How do I unsubscribe from Space24x7 email & SMS?

To unsubscribe our emails & SMS, Login to your account, access this path Dashboard -> Profile -> Notification Preferences and press buttons as required.

Bear in mind that there are certain emails & SMSs which are critical to Space Renting, hence cannot be unsubscribed until you are member of Spacinn community.

Is my items insured in Host's storage?

We are planning to provide Insurance for your items stored in Host’s storage in near future. We are in talk with leading General Insurer of the country to provide our customers a required Insurance out-of-the-box. We’ll update you in this regard via email or public announcements.

In-spite of this you still benefit with us by our safety & security and managed renting features.