Space24x7 is fastest growing peer-to-peer space rental marketplace for matching Renter to Space Owner of unused spaces. Space24x7 is about smarter and faster renting.

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Why Did We Start this Service in India?

India has been witnessing a movement where people moved from one city to another city or they moved to another country and they wondered with a question during transitioning “where to keep/store their loved personal items?” In our strive to answer this question, led us to create Space24x7

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Why Did We Start Space24x7?

This is the most disruptive new age business model that is currently changing business landscapes across all industries. It scraps the traditional ‘buying and selling model’ and promotes ‘renting and borrowing’ instead. It accommodates for people to make money from their assets and empowers buyers with varied options.

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Space24x7 Question and Answer

Space2x7 is a peer-to-peer marketplace for space renting. One who has any unused storage or parking can share their space on Space24x7 and any one who needs these storage can rent it on the platform. We handcrafted Space24x7 to simplify the renting process for both parties to interact and perform business transactions.

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Listing Your Unused Space is a Cool Idea

When I watched a program on TV which was talking about services such as Space24x7. I thought this is a cool idea because I stay with my wife and Kid and I have leased a property that has corners not effectively utilised so why not rent that space just for storing stuff. I will get back 15-20% of the rent amount. Is it not cool, I thought?

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Welcome To World of Spaces at Space24x7

That’s great you’re here! We at Space24x7 designed and developed a solution that will serve the world in a cost effective way. We have Spaces listed by our Host to cater to your need for Spaces. Sorry! If I am confused with Space in the Universe like SpaceX. We are talking about physical Spaces on Earth and it is between us; available but unused yet.

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Space24x7 works, it earns money for Space Owner of unused parking or self storage

One of the fastest growing peer-to-peer space rental marketplaces, Space24x7 is all about finding the perfect unused parking or storage for its renters. With proper emphasis on transparency and security, Space24x7 has successfully acquired over 1000 patrons renting out their spaces which are specifically designed for the utmost ease of both the owner as well as the renter.

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