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Mobile Professionals are constantly moving places and they cannot move everything they own and love it, therefore they need safe, secure, trustworthy and affordable place to store their valuables like personal items at home, car etc.

There are many more real life scenarios when we want to store our valuables or park our vehicle for short term or long term when flying to locations, old home under maintenance, businesses to store its mobile equipment, artefacts etc. Space24x7 provides cost effective solution to these real life problems.

Space24x7 is an online marketplace that provides a platform for everyone to discover and book spaces on the go– by the hour, day, week, month or year. We have a network of spaces at all corners which can be rented for very purposes namely parking, storing, or for commercial renting and pay for what is used. We call it “On-demand space renting”.

Space Host can rent out any unused space like spare room in your home, unused garage, unused parking lot, open spaces in backyard or in front of your house and open lands etc. Space Host can be any individual or business entity who owns a space which can be used for storing / parking. Space24x7 helps to get the most out of their empty or unused space.

With Space24x7,  showcase your space usefulness, market your services to our global community, and rent out unused spaces to earn money. Take control of your spaces, increase your bookings, and attract new Renters.

Space24x7 – The Space Market

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