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Free Listing-Guaranteed Payment

Easily earn money by renting out your empty parking or storage.Payment is transferred directly to your bank account.

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Your parking or storage will be instantly marketed to the thousands of Renters looking to rent it.

Total Control-Zero Paperwork

Be in control, your space, your rule. You can easily manage Renter's payment and communication with us. We notify you via email & SMS.

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Choose suitable pricing; upfront hourly or daily payment and recurring weekly, monthly or yearly payment by safe & secure credit/debit card at all times.

Cheaper & Convenient-Zero Brokerage

You can rent spaces for parking, self storage and for commercial purposes etc. in much cheaper price and it's convenient to find it here. Zero brokerage.

Peace of Mind-Zero Paperwork

Once you have rented a space, you can manage everything online like cancellation, extension or stopping to rent. We notify you via email & SMS.

The New Space Market

Verified Spaces

Only verified hosts can list their spaces. Each space is manually created & verified; not by mass upload or auto-bot intervention

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Experience most secure payment system & Guaranteed space availability on pre-booking

Manage Renting-24x7

Move in to space and manage everything like payment, cancellation, extension or stopping of Rental from your Dashboard

I have unused space, can I rent out and earn money?

Connect with potential Renter faster who needs space for Renting?.

Are there simply not enough car parking spaces in your area?

Do you own empty space & live near a train station/bus stop, or close to a stadium, airport, or event venue?

Do you own garage, spare room or unutilised commercial spaces like warehouse, cold storage, open land etc.?

List your garage, room, parking, commercial spaces for FREE.Set your Rules, for your space. We'll find Renter, for your space.

Your payment is guaranteed once rented.

I need to park my car, store personal items or business products, can you help?

I am daily/weekly commuter looking to park vehicle near railway station/bus stops/airport.

I am a professional moving overseas for work looking for storage/parking space near my home for short/long term.

Our old house under maintenance. Looking to store all personal items nearby.

We are small business,searhing empty space to store mobile equipments, vehicles artefacts, office equipments etc.

We require commercial space for renting to store our raw materials / products.

I hate seeing scattered items inside my living rooms and home. Looking to store items nearby.